Radon Gas is High Saskatchewan



Regina Saskatchewan has high levels of Radon Gas. Southern Saskatchewan generally is high. Radon Gas is a radioactive gas that occurs naturally when the uranium in soil breaks down. It is invisible, odourless and tasteless. When radon is released from the ground to the air, it’s diluted and not a concern. However, in enclosed spaces, like homes, it can sometimes accumulate to high levels, which is a risk to the health of you and your family.

Health Canada studies have shown that 7% of Canadians live in homes with higher than the recommended Radon levels. That number is as much as 16% in Saskatchewan and higher than 25% in the Regina Qu’appelle, Sunrise, and Cypress Health Authority regions.

Exposure to high levels of radon in indoor air results in an increased risk of developing lung cancer. The risk of cancer depends on the level of radon and how long a person is exposed to those levels. Non-smokers subjected to high levels of radon over time have a 1 in 20 chance of developing lung cancer. For a smoker, the risk is as great as 1 in 3.

There’s no way to know, if, or how much radon may be present in a home without testing. Initial testing takes as little as 48 hours. Long term testing is preferred prior to any mitigation work.

The cost for professional radon repair (mitigation) services varies depending upon numerous factors but can easily be determined with a free home visit. D-A-F in most cases, guarantees a decrease to the 200 Becquerel per cubic meter Health Canada recommended, guideline action level. Radon levels as low as reasonably achievable, are the goal.

D-A-F Radon Solutions is Southern Saskatchewans first and most experienced Radon Gas mitigation provider, and we are Certified by the “Canadian-National Radon Proficiency Program” which is the recognized standard of Health Canada. We are ready to answer all your Radon Gas questions, provide in home consultation, and mitigate on your behalf, as needed.